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IIT-JEE Mains and Advance

A lot of ambitious students aspire to be in the field of engineering; with the idea of inventing, discovering and building tools which can bring drastic positive change in our society’s progress. There are numerous colleges & universities and they offer different specialization and degree programs in different areas of engineering like computer science, aeronautical engineering, electronics or mechanics etc. Colleges and Universities have many diverse specializations in engineering and technology. Students have many options to choose from according to their interest. Engineering degrees are very popular among students who are ambitious and have interest in creating big innovations. But it is very important to get their specialization from a great college which will further give them greater opportunity.

Engineering colleges and institutes offer the immense oppurtunity to pursue specialization in many of the modern world’s fastest-growing areas of development.

Most engineering degrees are also likely to lead to strong employment prospects, as global demand for engineering and technology graduates continues to rise.

The best IIT coaching institute is here to guide these students. VidyaPant Academy is the best coaching institute in Delhi for the preparation of IIT-JEE mains and advance. We offer many batches for the best development and coaching of students who wants to pursue their career in engineering. Its very important for students to get into the best colleges and universities and we make sure that each of our student gets into the best of colleges.

We offer different batches for IIT-JEE mains and advance coaching:

We give a strong frame-work by absorbing the crucial from the very basic to the paramount level of competition in Maths and Science enhancing their competitive tendency and scientific intellect. Our Institute develop their Logical Thinking, Reasoning Skill, Scientific Temperament, Quantitative Aptitude, Problem solving skills and Competitive Quotient enhancing their competitive tendency and scientific intellect.

Two-Years Classroom Programme for IIT-JEE (Main & Adv)
Course: Two-Years Classroom Course for IIT-JEE (Main-Advanced)
Course Timeline: Two Years
Batches Regular Batch: 4 to 5 Days a Week.
Batch Hours Daily 3-4 Hrs Weekdays (including practice sessions)
Eligibility Students Studying in Class 10 and moving to Class 11 / Class 11 Studying Students


One-Year Classroom Programme for IIT-JEE (Main & Adv)
Course: One-Year Integrated Course for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced)
Course Timeline: One Year
Batches Regular Batch: 4 to 5 Days a Week.
Batch Hours Daily 3-4 Hrs. for Weekdays
Eligibility For Class 12th Studying Students and 12th Pass